Super clean and original Gibson SG Junior from 1964; we are big fans of Juniors here at V’n’R and this guitar is no exception. Guitars don’t get much simpler than this, a featherweight Honduran Mahogany body and neck, single P90 pickup in the bridge, a volume and tone control and a wraparound bridge and tailpiece. Despite the simplicity a good Junior can be one of the most versatile and intuitive guitars out there. Through an amp that’s breaking up nicely they sound big, bold and punchy but will clean up to an almost acoustic like whisper. This one in particular is slightly darker sounding than other SG junior we’ve dealt with, no bad thing; if anything it sounds closer to the earlier style double cutaway Junior.

The guitar has no issues, breaks or repairs and the original tailpiece is still nice and straight and the cherry nitro finish is bright and un-faded.

The guitar comes with hangtags and a Gibson Challenge case

July 12, 2020 — Collaborator