Founded By Semmie Moseley in the mid-1950’s after a time working with Roger Rossmeisl at Rickenbacker Mosrite spent the early part of their production concentrating on custom, handmade guitars including double and triple neck instruments, most notably a double neck guitar for Joe Maphis. In 1963 he met Nokie Edwards of the Ventures, who liked what Semie was up to. The band struck an endorsement deal with Mosrite and The Ventures Model went into production.

Mosrite Ventures model guitars have many unique features compared to other historic American marques and Moseley was not afraid to do things differently, all Ventures Models do share some common traits, notably, a reverse-style double-cutaway body, slim neck with zero-fret and steel guide nut and low Mosrite speed frets, proprietary Mosrite vibrato and bridge, proprietary fat single-coil pickups and “The Ventures” headstock.

Due to the nature of construction the Ventures Model went through various changes during it’s original 1963-1969 production. This lovely rare blue example is from 1965 and has all the design and production traits of a guitar from that period including the unbound German carved body, bolt-on neck, small Mosrite logo, Mosrite Mosley Tremolo/tailpiece and V and T short Mosrite knobs. The serial number 3042 drops the guitar into the 65-66 range with the neck dating Dec. 1965 and a body date of Nov. 1965. Pickups are unmolested with no signs of a rewind with pot codes matching Centralab 34th week of 1965. Tuners are Pat.No double line Kluson Deluxe tuners.

May 25, 2020 — Vintage N Rare