1960 Gibson Maestro GA-45T

By Gibson

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Made by Gibson, the Maestro range of amplifiers encompassed four Models designed for accordion as well as guitar. Made in 1960 the GA-45T features a 14-16 watt output with a valve compliment of 2_5879, 6SQ7, 12AX7, 2x6V6 and 5Y3 rectifier. 2 channels with High and Lo inputs per channel, separate Volume, treble and Bass control. Tremolo with depth and speed control. 4_8_ Jensen speakers dating to the 14th week of 1960. Highly prized by harp and guitar players alike, its unusual speaker configuration and 15W output leads to the GA-45T being nicknamed the Mini-Bassman.

The amp has its original speakers, transformers, footswitch and schematic manual, recently serviced and sounding fantastic. One of 266 GA-45T amplifiers shipped in 1960

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