1966 Fender Pro Reverb

By Fender

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Superb 1966 Fender Pro Reverb in great condition and sounding fab. Introduced in 1965 the Fender Pro Reverb is a great amp for players looking for classic mid-sixties Fender tones in a great 40 watt package. It shares the same 2×12″ speaker configuration as the more powerful Twin Reverb but with half the number of power valves, smaller transformers and a tube rectifier instead of solid state rectification. Thanks to these features the Pro Reverb will naturally break up at a much lower volume than a Twin but will maintain more headroom than a 22 watt Deluxe Reverb.

This 1966 example features all its original Schumacher/Woodward transformers with date codes ranging from the 47th to the 52nd week of 1965. The Tube Chart displays the code PB indicating February 1966. Chassis code is A03844. The Twin 12’ Utah speakers both date to the 6th week of 1966. One speaker has been reckoned with the correct ribbed cone by RMJ Loudspeakers speakers. Valves consist of 2x6l6 output valves, a GZ34 rectifier and brace of 12AX7 and 12AT7 in the pre-amp and Phase inverter.

Whether used as a clean amp pedal platform, the wet amp in a twin amp wet/dry rig or being plugged directly in the amp sounds fantastic. Surprisingly manageable at lower volumes the amp is unsurprisingly clean at these volume levels. Plugged directly into the Vibrato Channel the amp will start to break up at 4 with a PAF type humbucker. The Spring reverb is lush, wet and three dimensional and the tremolo will go from a gentle swirling pulse to a full staccatoesque chop whilst remaining eminently musical.
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