1966 Marshall JTM 45 MKIV #7478


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Previously rehoused Marshall JTM45 MKIV 1987T chassis. This amp comes from an important period of early Marshall production significant for the shift from KT66 to EL34 output valves, the change from valve to solid-state rectification and rebranding as the JTM50. This amp is an example of this transition away from the expensive KT66's used on earlier JTM45's to EL34's but thanks to it being a Tremolo model it has retained the valve rectification. The Marshall logo is an original Butler of Birmingham Coffin Badge from an earlier period offset or sandwich front Amp.

Just back from our tech with a clean bill of health, the amp has all its original major components and is in great overall condition electronically and cosmetically.

Please email for full internal photography and service report.

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