1963 Fender Stratocaster, Lake Placid Blue (Refin)

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1963 Fender Stratocaster in Aged Lake Placid Blue, a stunning guitar with an incredible looking figured neck. Originally a well loved instrument with a stripped Hippie Strat finish this one had sufficient changes to its originality that made it a prime candidate for a full restoration project and an aged nitro Lake Placid Blue refinish. Now fresh back from Huw Price's workshop the guitar looks stunning and plays every bit as good as a pre-CBS Fender Stratocaster should.

The lightweight Alder body had previously being stripped but was otherwise free of modifications - dowel and nail holes present. The neck had been oversprayed, refretted and featured a non-original decal but it still retains the original Aug 63 B ink stamp. Internally the electronics had been modified prior to arrival; there was a grey back 1969 Strat pickup in the neck, the switch was non-original and the pots were replacements. IN addition both the neck and middle pickups needed rewinding.

The lacquer was removed from the neck, and a subtlety 'knocked back' Nitro finish was applied along with a '62-'64 3 pat. no. period correct decal.  A peek under the pickguard now and everything is neat and tidy. The neck and middle pickups rewound to correct spec by House of Tone with heavy formvar wire on the middle pickup and plain enamel on the neck, a modern CRL 5-way switch and 3 250K pots were installed and the whole loom tidied. The guitar's hardware had seen little in the way of changes over the years comprising of an original celluloid guard with shielding plate, single line Kluson tuners and original tremolo block and saddles. The 'guard has aged to a wonderful yellowed green and aside from the small missing section is in very good condition with minimal twist or shrinking. The tuners have minimal tarnishing to the nickel plating and hold tune well. The Volume and Tone knobs were replaced for more accurate reproduction parts.

Overall the combination of the lightly aged and greened Lake Placid Blue finish, the dark Rosewood and flamed Maple neck and the nicely greened original pickguard have created a fantastic looking guitar.

The guitar plays very well, lightweight at 7.2lbs it has a lively acoustic voice that translated well when amplified. The neck is not only beatifully figured it has a very comfortable ’63 C to D neck profile with a 1st fret depth of 21.64mm filling out to 24.87mm at the 12th. The nut is a roomy 42.02mm wide. The finish has been brushed back to simulate years of play wear and original 7.25” radius has been maintained. Frets are medium jumbo. Plugged in there are all the typical sounds you would want from a Stratocaster. The mismatched combination of a ’69 neck pickup and earlier bridge and middle works really well with the neck pickups clarity and punch, the bridge positions precision and snarl to the Stratty in between sounds all balancing well and sounding great whether clean or pushed.

Overall this is a fantastic player's vintage guitar that’s seen some changes through its life but at at less than half of the price of an original sunburst example is a great way into the world of Pre-CBS Fender Stratocasters. We have paired the guitar with a newer 90’s Fender Case.

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