2017 Gibson Custom Slash "First Standard" '58 Reissue, Aged

By Gibson

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2017 Gibson Custom Slash "First Standard" 58 Reissue, Aged #081

Stunning, aged replica of a hugely important piece of musical history, painstakingly replicated by the Gibson Custom Shop with the permission of the current owner of the guitar, Slash. That guitar, a 1958 Gibson Les Paul Standard with the Serial number #8 3096 was recently discovered to have been sent to that 1958 Music Industry Trade Show as one of the first two sunburst Les Pauls ever made with #8 3096 being the first ever to feature a two-piece center-seamed Maple top, a key feature of the Les Paul Standard. That makes Slash's guitar the first production Les Paul Standard model!

Gibson produced the Slash 1958 Les Paul “First Standard” #8 3096 replica in strictly limited numbers with 50 Aged and Signed by Slash, 100 Aged and a further 150 in VOS Gloss finish. Gibson said of the run “It was perhaps the most advantageous and laborious guitar recreation project Custom Shop has ever undertaken given the extreme finish checking, wear and corrosion of the original, not to mention the exact replication of the neck dimensions, colours and construction.” The results are fantastic, with the level of craftsmanship obvious to see. The details in the ageing and wear are second to none. In construction, the guitar is built to True Historic spec meaning you get full hide glue construction throughout with the top, neck and fingerboard all adhered just as it would have been in the 1950’s. Likewise, the plastics, although aged to mimic those found on #8 3096 are a more accurate recreation than those used on earlier Historic Reissues. Similarly the hardware mirrors that of the original down to the single replacement ‘double ring’ Kluson Deluxe tuner.

Irrespective of the guitars collectability #081 is an excellent feeling and sounding Les Paul. The ’58 'C' profile neck carve used is comfortable and although towards the larger side it feel nuanced and refined. The guitar has a pair of Alnico III Gibson CustomBuckers pickups fitted with a Nickel covered neck pickup and uncovered bridge pickup. The guitar weighs an excellent 8.4 lbs

The guitar is in the same condition it left the factory and comes with its original Aged Case, Certificate of Authenticity and Accessories.

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