1966 Gibson EB-2 - Sunburst

By Gibson

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Model Overview:

Released initially in 1958 as the companion model to Gibson's newly launched ES-335 series of guitars. On release in 1958 the guitar had a single coil pickup and no additional switch, 1959 saw an evolution to the model with a single Seth Lover designed EB humbucker and additional 'baritone' functionality, via a tone switch mounted above the volume and tone controls. Overall construction remained the same with laminate maple top, back and rims, with solid maple block running the length of the body, allowing a fixed combination bridge/tailpiece. Aside from the tuners changing from Banjo tuners to open gear Klusons the EB-2 remained much the same until 1961 when Gibson halted production of the EB-2 in favour of the EB-0 and EB-3 Solid Body Bass.

With the British Beat Boom in full swing in the UK there was still demand for a high quality hollow body bass and by 1962, distribution deals had been set up for Gibson (Selmer) and Epiphone (Rosetti). This led to production resuming of the Epiphone EB-232 Rivoli with the EB-2 joining it in early 1964. In 1965 a Cherry finish option with a dual pickup EB-2D launched in late '67. By the time of its discontinuation in the early 70's the EB-2 and EB-2D had also been offered in Sparkling Burgundy and Walnut finishes.

The 1966 example we have for sale is a fantastic example of an EB-2 from a period when production was in full swing. The instrument is original with only the Baritone switch having been replaced with no damage to the rest of the loom. The nitrocellulose finish is exceptionally good with only minor areas of lacquer checking.

The bass come with the period hardshell case seen in the photography, possibly from an Epiphone Rivoli.

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