The Chase Bliss Audio Brothers is a one stop shop for all your gain needs, functioning as a Boost, Drive and Fuzz pedal, designed by Chase Bliss Audio in collaboration with Resonant Electronics. The Brothers pedal is built on two independent analog gain circuits that can be run in parallel with each other, or stacked together in to different combinations. The usual controls apply for the most post, with each channel having its own gain and tone control, as well as a master volume control and a mix control for when using the two channels of gain in parallel.
The Brothers is divided in to two channels, 'A' being a JFET based circuit and 'B' being an IC based circuit, each with a distinct sound and each with toggle switch presets for Boost, Drive and Fuzz. This gives 33 possible tonal options, making the Chase Bliss Audio Brothers one of the most versatile gain pedals available. The sheer level on tonal possibilities is even more impressive when you consider that all Chase Bliss Audio pedals feature 100% analog circuitry, meaning there is no compromise on the quality of your tone.
Like every Chase Bliss Audio pedal the controls of this pedal are digital, and the Brothers also includes the top mounted dip switches that have become so synonymous with Chase Bliss Audio effects, meaning even more experimentation is just a flick of a switch away. The Brothers can also store two onboard presets, and even more with the use of either the Chase Bliss Audio Faves Pedal or an external MIDI controller.

Model Specs:

100% Analog Signal Path With Digitally Controlled Parameters And Saveable Presets
Six different gain effects split over two channels for a possible 33 different tonal options
Both JFET and IC Based Boost, Drive and Fuzz Tones Channel A & B Can Be Stacked With Each Other And Used In Parallel
Selectable True Bypass Or Buffered Bypass
Optional Momentary Footswitch Mode
External Expression / CV Control For All Parameters