1973 Fender Telecaster, Blonde, Lefty

By Fender

Super cool lightweight early-Seventies Telecaster in an aged Blonde finish. The guitar has seen its fair share of mods and changes in the past resulting in a killer lightweight player's Telecaster that is almost the mirror image of Keef's famous Blackguard Micawber.

The guitar's original Blonde finish is over a lightweight Ash body with all the usual stamps in the neck pocket present. The guitar body has been routed for a humbucker in the neck position and has previously been routed behind the bridge for a vibrato system. The route has subsequently been filled and localised finish work applied to the area. The work has been completed to a very high standard. The Blonde finish has aged to a Blackguard-esque butterscotch with a patch on the back of the body revealing more of the blonde finishes original colour. The Rosewood fingerboard is dark and reminiscent of the Rosewood used by Fender in the early ‘60s, frets and nut are replaced and the guitar has previously has a bar style string retainer fitted. Otherwise finish, decal and tuners are correct. The guitar came into us with a non-original bridge pickup with no output so we’ve fitted a 60’s spec Bareknuckle Tele pickup as a replacement. The neck Pickup is a Gibson PAT Stamp Humbucker with chrome cover, the pots are modern replacements but the switch is correct. The hardware is a mixture of correct and replacement parts. The input jack is a LP style plate, the pickguard, bridge and saddle are all good quality replacements but the tuners, knobs and plate all remain original.

Freshly set up the guitar has a nice acoustic ring and plugged in there is a nice rounded brightness to the bridge pickup with none of the ice pick treble that ‘70s Telecasters can sometimes possess. The neck pickup is a great sounding humbucker, warm with good definition. The volume and tone controls have a good taper cleaning up an overdriven tone well with little loss of treble. The neck has a fantastic C with a hint of V profile that measures 39.58mm at the nut with a first fret depth of 20.71mm increasing to 24.11 at the 12th. The pickups measure 7.18K in the neck and 7.32K in the bridge. The guitar has an overall weight of 7.5lbs and comes with a gig bag but will be packaged well for shipping.
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