1937-'39 Epiphone Apollo


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In 1937-1939 Epiphone released a model called the Apollo solely for the British market. The Apollo was a very similar guitar to the Epiphone Olympic with a mahogany or birch 16_ sunburst body, segmented f-holes, rectangle fingerboard inlays, Epiphone Masterbilt decal peghead logo, and a black pickguard. It cost less than the Olympic and had a mix of features which Jim Fisch, author of Epiphone, The House of Stathopoulo says led to speculation that it may have been produced by Regal for Epiphone. The guitar plays well with a good action; it has a healthy V shape to the neck and at some point in the past has lost its original pickguard and been fitted with the slightly incongruous Grover tuners. These are unusual guitars that don't surface often. The guitar comes with a non-original hard case.

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