1959 Fender Jazzmaster - Sunburst

By Fender

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The Jazzmaster was introduced in mid-1958 as Fender's attempt to join the upmarket Jazz guitar market previously dominated by Gibson. Full of innovations and with a price tag of $329 it was more expensive than both the Telecaster and Stratocaster. Ultimately the model would not find favor with Jazz guitarists but much to Fenderäó»s surprise it became popular with the Surf guitarists of the time.

Upon release in 1958 the all-new Jazzmaster featured several innovations designed by Leo Fender including a newly designed, simple vibrato system whereby the strings anchor on a plate which has both the tremolo arm and spring attached to it. The electronics comprised of two single coil pickups but constructed unlike any previous Fender design, with an elaborate dual circuit design with separate volume and tone controls. The lead circuit offered standard controls with a single master volume and tone control knobs on the lower bout, and a three-position pickup selector toggle switch on the same side of the guitar. The model also featured a warmer, darker-sounding rhythm circuit, with its own separate volume and tone control wheels on the upper horn.

The 1958 Jazzmaster would feature the above innovations in an offset three-tone sunburst body, slab rosewood fingerboard with an anodized aluminium pickguard and a Tweed case. By mid-1959 the case had a Brown Tolex exterior with a burnt orange interior and the anodized aluminium pickguard was replaced by a three-layer tortoiseshell example.This is a fantastic example of the model. In excellent condition with only light play wear to the beautiful late fifties chocolate brown Sunburst, it comes with its original brown Tolex Fender case. A great time capsule from a golden period of Fender production.

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