1963 Gretsch 6159 Dual Bass Amp

By Gretsch

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Lovely Valco-made Gretsch 6159 Dual-Bass model amp from 1963 with two channels and inputs for bass or guitar/accordion.

Gretsch offered two bass guitar amplifiers around this time; the 70 watt 6154 Super-Bass and 35 watt 6159 Dual-Bass. These amps were both fitted with twin 12 Jensen speakers. The Super-Bass was an eight valve amp, with a US list price (in 1965) of $295. The Dual-Bass had seven valves, and a list price of $259.50. (Scroll down for the Gretsch catalogue listing from 1965).

The two original 12" ceramic Jensen C12PS speakers in our example are in fine condition. Being a matched pair, they both date to the seventh week of 1963.

Not really recommended for bass handling at any volume, the 6159 sounds amazing however with guitar; a characterful warm tone with a nice, smooth transition into breakup and is equipped with a fantastic swampy tremolo that can go from subtle to full on throb.

The amp has been fully serviced and PAT safety tested and to the best of our knowledge is original except for one changed knob.