1964 Gibson ES-335 TDC, one of only 892 examples shipped this year. The guitar has been owned since 1977 by a session player in the UK and was his main working guitar for years.

Seen here in its desirable Cherry, stoptail variant it has all the associated ‘Clapton Specs’. The guitar retains its vibrant original Cherry finish with iconic post ’62 block fretboard markers and nickel pat no. humbuckers. As a working guitar the instrument has seen some alterations over the years including having had the neck re-profiled to more of a ’62 style profile, the original bridge has been converted to Gibson Nashville ABR posts with a more period correct looking Nashville-to-ABR conversion bridge fitted and like Clapton’s famous 335 the tuners have been changed to Grover Rotomatics. The guitar comes with a modern hardshell case.