1964 Rickenbacker 325 Rose Morris Model 1996, Fireglo


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Rickenbacker Rose Morris Model 1996 from 1964 just in from the family of the original owner. The guitar was given as a 14th Birthday gift and has been well loved and cherished throughout its life, so much so that the empty case was rescued unscathed from a house fire.

Released in 1958 the Rickenbacker 325 was the first model to be announced in the new Capri series designed by famed guitar designer Roger Rossmeisl. Featuring a thin, hollow-body, 3/4 scale length, crescent moon cutaways, 3 “Toaster top” pickups and Accent Vibrato. The 325 would forever be associated with John Lennon who’s extensive use of his ’58 Mapleglo 325 during the Beatles early days would lead to a sudden demand for the brand in the UK. So much so that Rose Morris became official Rickenbacker distributors with the Export 325 becoming known as the Model 1996. Rickenbacker would ship only 201 guitars to Rose Morris in 1964.

Much like Lennon’s first 325 this guitar has seen much use over the years but unlike Lennon’s (aside from an old expected refret) it has escaped any breaks, repairs or modifications. The Fireglo finish has worn through in such a way that it reveals a lot about the previous owners' playing style. The back of the neck has worn through to the Maple in places and as a result is silken smooth. The back of the body shows wear to the upper horn and behind the neck heel and the front an area concentrated to the forearm region. Aside from this it's clear this has been a treasured instrument that has been loved, enjoyed and cared for over the years. The lacquered fingerboard under blacklight looks like a negative of the wear seen on worn lacquered maple Fender necks. Electronics are all stock with a trio of Rickenbacker ‘Toaster Top’ pickups and a quintet of ’64 CTS pots.

The guitar plays well, strung with 11-46 round wound strings it has an easy action, the pickups have the sound expected of a classic Rickenbacker, percussive and jangly with a bright attack. The frets show wear but have plenty of life left.

Without doubt one of the coolest Rickenbacker guitars we’ve had in stock for some time. The fact it is a one owner guitar with plenty of character and vibe really adds to the appeal of what is one of Rickenbacker’s most recognisable models. The guitar comes with its' original blue plush lined, silver Tolex Rickenbacker case.
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