1966 Fender Stratocaster, Black

By Fender

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Awesome 1966 Fender Stratocaster in an old, great looking naturally aged Black refinish. A superb feeling, lively and resonant Stratocaster with all the early CBS era features (big headstock, transition logo and white guard) that define this era. Lightweight at 7.5 lbs it has an Alder body, a perfectly played in satin smooth neck and three excellent sounding boutique pickups. The previous owner bought the guitar in 1982 with the finish already played in as it is today.

The body is Alder with the traditional 3 single coil pickup routes with worm hole present. There is evidence of yellow beneath the finish as well as grey under the black finish coat. The black finish itself has naturally aged after 40+ years with areas of wear throughout and a patch of buckle wear to the rear of the guitar. The neck has the early CBS style large headstock with early gold,  4 patent transition logo used until 67. It also has the close spaced 12th fret pearl dots and a dark veneer Rosewood fingerboard. The neck is stamped 13AUG66B. Truss rod adjustment is at the heel and there is one string tree. The neck finish has been played through and fluoresces evenly under backlight.  The tuners are correct Double line Kluson Deluxe. The nut has been replaced and the neck is sporting a brand new set of frets thanks to a master refret by the inimitable Jonny Kinkade. The original 3-ply white pickguard has a small well executed repair above the 5 way pickup selector. In terms of the guitars electronics it's currently fitted with an excellent set of American made Brandonwound Pickups wound and constructed to the correct mid-60’s spec with modern pots and a 5-way switch. The Tremolo block, saddles and bridge plate are original.

The real joy in this guitar is the neck. The finish is perfectly smooth in the only way a naturally worn and played in lacquered neck can be. The profile is a slim C at the nut with a feel more akin to the earlier 60’s slab board era Strats than those that came only a year or two earlier. Measurements are 20.75 mm at the first fret and 23.4 at the 12th fret with a nut width of 40.61mm, the standard Fender ‘B’ width.

The guitar has fast become a shop go-to. It plays wonderfully with a lively acoustic ring, it's set up perfectly and thanks to the expert Kinkade refret it plays effortlessly. The modern pickups sound excellent and do an excellent job of recreating that Greyback-era Strat sound.