1967 Martin 000-28

By Martin

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Wonderful Martin 000-28 from 1967 just in and back from a neck reset. One of the last of the Brazilian Rosewood Martin guitars before the company transitioned to Indian Rosewood in 1969 and one of the companies more popular models thanks in part to the Clapton Signature 000-28EC.

The 000-28 has been a stalwart of the Martin range since the tail end of the nineteenth century and is one of the companies best known and most emulated instruments whether in its initial 12-fret, slot headstock guise or the now ubiquitous 14-fret orchestra style. By the 1960’s smaller bodied Martins had become overshadowed and out-sold by the companies own dreadnought instruments with production numbers reflecting this. In 1967, only 250 000-28's were produced, unbelievably an increase over the previous years production thanks to the burgeoning folk music boom of the later 60s. The late sixties was a transition era for Martin Guitars style and construction with 1967 being the last year of Tortoiseshell celluloid pickguards and Maple bridge plates before they were replaced with black acetate pickguards and Rosewood bridge plates respectively. The biggest and most important change was yet to come in 1969 as Brazilian Rosewood was replaced by Indian Rosewood.

This 000-28 features a wonderfully honeyed Sitka spruce top with multi-ply B-W Boltaron binding and rosette. Back and sides are stunning Brazilian rosewood with a strip of chain-link marquetry down the center seam. The Mahogany neck has a diamond volute and Ebony fingerboard. The headstock is faced with Brazilian Rosewood veneer. Tuners are enclosed Grover Rotomatics.

The guitar is in great condition, it has been played and shows signs of use but nothing to detract from the overall aesthetic of a 55 year old guitar. The lacquer has naturally aged giving the Spruce top a wonderfully honeyed appearance, the dark, chocolate brown Brazilian Rosewood back and sides are straight grained with just the right amount of figuring. As mentioned the guitar has very recently had the neck reset resulting in a great neck/body angle with a decent height saddle. There is a subtle, hairline crack to the back at the edge of the chain-link centre strip and a small amount of binding shrinkage in the upper rear waist of the instrument. Strung with 12’s the guitar plays very well, there is an ease to the string tension and notes ring cleanly. Sonically the guitar is a fine example, it has all the attributes you could want from the classic Spruce and Brazilian Rosewood combination and more, it has a sweetness and delicateness with plenty of volume and harmonic content. The bass is warm and deep and the treble has a pleasant presence suited to either the finger or the flat pick.

The guitar comes with an aftermarket hardshell Case.

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