1968 Gibson Les Paul Standard, Goldtop

By Gibson

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Stunning, previously uncirculated 1968 Gibson Les Paul Standard just in from the family of the original owner, Brian Russell who played in the Belfast based band 'The Few' during the 1960’s. This guitar is in remarkably preserved condition and has all the traits that make these first year 1968 Les Paul Standards such desirable and collectable instruments. Due to an increase in demand and after an absence of 7 years 1968 would see Gibson re-introduce the Les Paul Model into the range with two models lifted straight from the fifties catalog, the Standard and Custom. The Standard was based upon the ’56 version of the Les Paul Model, resplendent in Gold with twin P-90s, ABR-1 bridge and tailpiece configuration. These guitars were very similar to their fifties equivalents with a few minor construction differences. Such was the popularity of the model and with the absence of a Sunburst equivalent many have subsequently fallen fowl of the conversion crowd leaving a very diminished pool of original instruments left.

This guitar is in wonderful condition throughout and features the traits that make these early reissues so popular. It has a single piece Honduran Mahogany body and neck with long tenon and small (pre-'69) headstock. The pearl logo has the doted "i" with an open "b" and "n" with the silk screened Les Paul Model decal in the usual position. Two concessions in construction compared to its 50s counterpart are a shallower 14 degree headstock angle and a less pronounced carve/dish to the Maple top.

With the exception of a replaced switch tip the guitar is original throughout. The Gold finish is in remarkable condition with minimal wear and little checking. What checking there is feint and has resisted oxidisation. The rear of the guitar and the neck are likewise in excellent condition. The Indian Rosewood fingerboard is dark and oily in appearance. Original frets have plenty of height with the fret ends still present. Hardware is chrome plated throughout as was Gibson's preference across the range post ’65. The original ABR-1 still features the original nylon saddles. Electronically the guitar features two of the most musical P-90s we have had in the shop for some time. Powerful, cutting, balanced and full of character, this guitar is among the best P-90 equipped Les Pauls we have come across in a long while. 


The neck pickup is clear bobbin and measures 7.96K. The bridge pickup has a black bobbin and measures 8.12K. Pots date to the 26th week of ’68 and the cloverleaf control cavity has two sprague Black Beauty caps soldered into the loom. Everything is tidy with intact solder throughout.


The neck measures 24.55mm at the 1st fret filling out to 26.67mm at the 12th offering a superbly comfortable profile that mirrors that of many mid-fifties necks perfectly. There can be some degree of inconsistency in neck profiles from this period but fans of fifties neck profiles will not be disappointed. Weights of these first reissues can vary quite considerably, this one sits comfortably in the middle of the range tipping the scales at 9.4lbs.

True 1968 Les Paul Standards are becoming harder and harder to find in this condition, especially uncirculated examples. Played but preserved, thanks to the previous owner this guitar has the feel of a well loved instrument.

Comes with a '70s Gibson protector case.

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