1969 Fender Stratocaster, White Refin

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Killer Hendrix-era Fender Stratocaster with a naturally aged, white refin. Large headstock, Rosewood board with bold CBS logo, Pearloid backed pickguard and three wonderful sounding, original grey bottom pickups.

The body is Alder with the traditional 3 single coil pickup routes with worm hole present, pickup routes are the earlier style with rounded corners. There are no additional holes, modifications or repairs visible. The non-factory finish has been on the body for a considerable time and has plenty of wear and checking throughout. The neck is a large headstock, Hendrix-era CBS neck with the bold CBS Fender decal, single string tree, four bolt attachment and neck heel truss rod adjustment. The neck is stamped in green ink with the code Fender adopted towards the end of the 60’s and reads 22 396 109B with the 109 denoting October 1969. Nut and frets are original to the neck as is the finish with the exception of the headstock face. Some of the original Fender decal was missing when the guitar came in to us so we have had it partially replaced and the headstock face oversprayed. The neck feels great with a slightly larger, C going on D profile than you might anticipate. Measuring 22.5mm at the 1st fret and 24.59mm at the 12th. The guitar has the standard ‘B’ Fender nut width and measures 41.25mm.

Electronics comprise of three original grey bottom, stagger polepiece, single coil Stratocaster pickups, all with matching 1969 date code, Pots are CTS all with matching 1969 source code. The switch is the standard CRL 3-way. The pickups measure 5.55K, 5.45K and 5.64K from bridge to neck. The guitar sounds wonderful with the original grey back pickups exhibiting the chiming bell like character they are known for. Equally musical clean, with drive or with Fuzz its easy to see why this period of pickup is so highly sought. The pickguard is a pearloid backed 3-ply guard often seen in 1969 and on into early 1970 with shielding foil applied below the pots and switch, all consistent with Fender's methods during this period. The guitar has its original Fender ‘F’ tuners installed and the Tremolo and bridge unit are the original design, separate 2 piece steel parts rather than the single piece, cast Mazac unit used throughout the seventies. The switch tip is a replacement.

The guitar plays well, the frets have lost some height but there are no playability issues. Strung with 10 gauge strings the guitar plays great with no dead spots or fretting issues.

Late sixties Stratocaster’s are considered by many to be the last of the golden-era Fender instruments before the big CBS changes really took hold. This is a great lightweight example at 7.3lbs with an old refin helping to keep the price keen. The all important pickups are present and if the finish isn’t for you there is wealth of talented finish guys out there to turn it in to the guitar of your dreams!
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