1972 Fender Stratocaster, Black

By Fender

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Excellent early seventies Fender Stratocaster in a perfectly aged factory Black finish with a Maple fingerboard, large headstock with Bullet Truss rod. Nice, played condition throughout and a great playing and sounding example thanks to its original staggered pole piece pickups.

Featuring an Alder body with a factory Black finish which is still a custom colour in 1973, and would have carried an $18 surcharge over the standard Sunburst finish. The finish is great, there are plenty of nicks, dings and bruises all consistent with a played guitar. The one piece Maple neck has the attributes expected from the early seventies Fender with a large headstock, bold Fender logo, Bullet truss rod, single string retainers and Skunk stripe. The neck has a Feb '72 date stamp and is likely one of the last Stratocaster necks to come with a single string tree. The neck plate has a serial number that sits mid-way through the '72 range. The neck has been re-fretted with medium jumbo wire and the nut has been swapped for a new polished bone version. Like the body the finish is original to the neck. Electronically we have a full compliment of classic grey bottom, staggered pole pickups and a trio of CTS pots. The original switch has been replaced with a 5-way, the wiring is tidy but there is evidence of reflowed solder joints. The Hardware is all in excellent condition, the Fender/Schaller tuners are the only ones ever fitted, they hold tune well, the block, bridge and saddles are original with the tremolo set up with 3 springs. The guitars hardware is in great condition with the chrome plating still bright with no pitting. The original plastics are in equally good condition. The switch tip is a replacement.

The guitar plays effortlessly with a C meets U profile neck that has plenty of depth with measurements closer to necks from the mid fifties than the sixties. Measuring 22.60 mm at the first fret and 24.4mm at the 12th with the nut measuring a standard width of 40.42mm. Weighing in at 7.6 lbs it sits right at the sweet-spot for many Stratocaster players. The pickups measure 5.77K, 5.6K, an 5.55K in the neck, middle and bridge respectively.
The pickups sound excellent with plenty of Straty spank with a lively range of tones  and some great and easily accessible in-between sounds thanks to the 5-way switch.

All in a great sounding early-seventies Stratocaster with plenty of vibe, killer sounding pickups and a very playable neck that feels more fifties than sixties, and a spec that is more late-sixties than seventies. The guitar comes with an aftermarket hard case.