1974 Fender Stratocaster, Sunburst

By Fender

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Wonderful 1974 Fender Stratocaster in three-tone Sunburst, with Rosewood fingerboard, large headstock, bullet trussrod, staggered pole pickups all in excellent condition complete with bridge cover and tremolo arm at a good price thanks to a replacement neck pickup.

A great example of an early 70’s Stratocaster with a strong 3-Tone Sunburst, lightweight at 7.4lbs with a good tight neck joint and Indian Rosewood fingerboard. The alder body is in great condition with no repairs and the Sunburst finish is in excellent condition. If we were being ultra critical there are a couple of tiny edge dints but the front and back remain very clean. There is certainly nothing to detract from the guitar’s overall excellent appearance and these early seventies guitars are getting harder and harder to find in this condition. The neck, like body has very little wear. The back of the neck is smooth and bruise free and the cellulose headstock lacquer has only lightly honeyed. The Rosewood fingerboard is good and the frets still have plenty of life. The guitars hardware is in great condition with the chrome plating still bright with no pitting. Electronically aside from the replacement neck pickup we have a full compliment of CTS pots dating late ’73 and early ’74, two ’74 coded grey back, stagger pole pickups and the original 3-way switch. Internally the wiring is a little scruffy with some of the wire replaced although all works well and could easily be tidied. The hardware is all in excellent condition, the Fender/Schaller tuners are the only ones ever fitted, they hold tune well and don’t bind. the block, bridge and saddles are original with the tremolo set up with 3 springs. The original plastics are in equally good condition.

Weighing a very credible 7.4lbs. The guitar plays well with plenty of life left in the near 50 year old frets. The pickups sound excellent with the replacement balancing well with the original staggered pole greyback pickups. Cosmetically the guitar is a great example with next to no fade to the sunburst and a pleasant match to the body grain, unlike other seventies Fenders that can have quite obvious joins in the body pieces. A really nice guitar from an increasingly desirable period. Comes with the tremolo arm and bridge cover in an aftermarket tweed case.