1992 Rickenbacker 360/12, Fireglo


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Superb 30 year old Rickenbacker 360 12 string in a stunning Fireglo finish, the guitar is in excellent condition and has all the jangle you could want from it’s Rickenbacker pickups.

Released initially in 1958 the Model 360 has been in constant production ever since, it sits within the 300 series of guitars and is a deluxe version of the Model 330 guitar adorned with ‘Shark Fin’ fingerboard inlays and Chequerboard body binding. Initially it shared the same “Crescent Moon” double cutaway silhouette but by mid ’64 the Model 360 had adopted a new shape with rounded top edges, no top binding, checkered back binding and bound cat-eye sound holes. The 12 string variant was released in 1964 and thanks to the use of an early 360/12 by George Harrison the 360/12 had it’s place cemented among classic guitar models.

Featureing many of the design and construction traits closely associated with Rickenbacker guitars including a three-ply maple/walnut neck, a shallow headstock angle, a thick rosewood fretboard finished with clear varnish and double truss rods. The 360 would feature to pickups and from 1964 an "R"-shaped trapeze tailpiece. The 360 also features stereo or mono output, and a five 5 knob control layout.

This guitar from 1992 has strayed very little from the original Model 360/12 blueprint from mid-’64, the Pickups are Rickenbacker “High Gain” models, a change that happened around '68, and the tuners are thelightweight Schaller M6, a good thing when there are 12 of them at the headstock. The guitar is in a stunning Fireglo finish with chrome and white plastics (black hardware and plastics were an option on some finishes from this period).

The guitar is in great condition, it has been played but very well cared for. It plays very well currently set up on flatwounds as a 10 string with the E and A unison strings removed. The neck is a comfortable and uniform C profile with a Medium/Slim depth and the nut width is 39.9mm. The guitar weighs 7.9lbs and comes with its original blue lined Rickenbacker case.