2015 Analogman King of Tone


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Truly exceptional Analog Man King of Tone in like new condition with box and paperwork. The brainchild of Analog Man tone wizard Mike Piera and guitarist Jim Weider as a result of a quest to design a pedal to take an amp at reasonable settings, and make it sound like it would sound if it were naturally driven to pure, smooth, tube distortion.

The KOT is two overdrive pedals in one enclosure with separate Volume, Drive and Tone controls for each side with individual On/Off LEDs. Each side can be independently of stacked. Internally there is a treble increase control and a four position DIP switch which lets you choose between  Clean, OD, and Distortion modes for each channel.
Due to the long waiting list and the difficulty in sourcing many of the parts that go into the circuit there is unsurprisingly a huge amount of hype surrounding the KOT and in use it’s easy to see why. Build quality and component selection are second to none. The versatility of its design offers a wide range of tones that work equally well in to any amp with any guitar and in use the pedal is transparent in so much that it preserves the inherent tonal characteristics of your guitar and amplifier. The three modes all offer their own flavour of drive with the Clean mode being great for clean boosts or clearer, louder tones. The OD setting is a natural sounding, harmonically rich, mild gain overdrive with soft clipping. The Distortion mode offers more drive and compression than the OD setting and is incredibly touch sensitive and responsive to the guitars Volume and Tone controls.

The pedal is in excellent condition with no marks or wear to the finish, pots are smooth and free from noise and the bass plate is free of pedal tape. Includes original box and paperwork.
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