Minnesota based Chase Bliss Audio have in recent years garnered a reputation for making some of the most forward thinking effects pedals around. Formed around the companies 'Digital Brain, Analog Heart' mantra, all Chase Bliss Audio pedals offer the perfect combination of digital flexibility and true analog tone. The Condor is an analog EQ, a preamp and a filter pedal from Chase Bliss Audio. The Condor can operate both clean and overdriven, and give the player a huge amount of control over shaping their tone. The low pass filter section has three switchable resonance settings, and a midrange that you can boost/cut from 150Hz to 5kHz. The midrange frequency selector also has a toggle switch for controlling the intensity of how much the signal is boosted or cut. As with all Chase Bliss Audio pedals, the top mounted dip switches allow for even more sonic exploration. By ramping the frequency settings you can generate all kinds of weird and wonderful ersatz flanger and tremolo sounds, all of which can be externally controlled via an expression control, and like all Chase Bliss Pedals you can digitally save presets and access them via MIDI.