The Chase Bliss Audio Dark World Dual Reverb is an other-worldly reverb capable of both traditional and more experimental sounds in one compact pedal. The Dark World features a unique set of controls, allowing you to combine two distinct channels of reverb and run them independently, route them in to one another or use them in parallel. The Dark channel is designed in collaboration with Cooper FX, and features three modes - Mod, Shim and Black. The Mod setting takes influence from the Cooper FX 'Generation Loss' pedal, adding a warbly, VHS tape simulating lofi degradation to your signal. The Shim mode is unlike any other reverb we have heard, freezing part of your audio path with almost infinite decay and feeding this frozen loop back in to your reverb signal, creating a glitching LFO effect. The Black mode functions in a similar way, freezing a portion of your audio signal dependent on the dynamics of your playing.
Designed alongside Robert Keeley of Keeley Electronics, the World channel features 3 classic reverb modes - Hall, Plate and Spring. These three lush algorithms offer inspiring takes on vintage voiced tones, with added flexibility through Dwell and Pre-Delay controls. The Dark World also allows you to select the order of each channel in the signal chain, running Dark in to World or vice versa, as well as running both in parallel.
Minnesota based Chase Bliss Audio have garnered a reputation for making the most forward thinking effects pedals around. The Dark World is the companies first fully digital pedal, a collaboration with Cooper FX and Keeley Electronics to make one of the most all encompassing and reverb pedals we have ever seen. As with all Chase Bliss Audio pedals, the top mounted dip switches allow for even more sonic exploration, all of which can be externally controlled via an expression control, and you can digitally save presets and access them via MIDI.