Dallas Rangemaster Treble Booster

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Legendary 1960s Dallas Rangemaster Treblebooster in fantastic condition just in from the original owner still with matching box and Vidor VD4 Battery. Simple and elegant, it is internally and externally 100% original.

Released by Dallas in the mid-60s the Rangemaster Treble Booster was simplicity itself with a simple circuit consisting of one germanium transistor, three resistors, four capacitors with an on/off switch and a ‘Boost Set’ control pot. A hardwired output cable meant this small grey box was never intended to be anywhere other than proudly perched atop your amplifier. A variety of transistors were used in the Rangemaster Treble Booster with the Mullard OC44 the most commonly seen. Used by many of the worlds most famous recording artists these wonderful little grey boxes are at their best when plugged in to an already slightly saturated British amp where the additional upper-mid and high-end boost will cascade the amplifier into a glorious responsive, textured, defined and harmonically rich distortion.

The unit has been given a once over by our tech, with the pot and on/off switch lubed a PP3 battery clip has been added whilst retaining the original to preserve it’s originality. A true time capsule, the unit was barely used by the original owner in the 60’s and represents a wonderful piece of functioning history that will appeal to both players and collectors alike.
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