2001 Fender Custom Shop 60's Stratocaster Relic, Sunburst


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Great looking Fender Custom Shop 60’s Stratocaster Relic from 2001 in Sixties three tone Sunburst finish with a lovely dark rosewood board and a very cool sounding wiring mod.

Featuring an aged Nitro Sunburst finish over a lightweight Alder body with traditional routs. The 21 fret maple neck has a dark Rosewood fingerboard with 9.5” radius, the profile is a comfortable early ’60s Fender carve. The electronics are mounted to a 3-ply mint green and sound excellent with the 5-way switch allowing full range of classic Stratocaster tones. The original pickups sound warm and with the classic early 60’s sparkle they are associated with. The guitar has had the Eldred ‘cocked wah’ wiring mod, the volume control and first tone knob function as expected on a vintage Strat. The second tone control has been moved from the middle pickup to the bridge pickup with the addition of a capacitor rolling of the highest treble frequencies, removes the sparkle and brightness, but leaves a useable, mid-heavy sound that is like a cocked wah. It’s a lot of fun, sounds excellent with a bit of drive or fuzz and is easily reversible if desired.

These early Custom Shop relic finishes have a distinctive quality and this example has nicely aged over the last 20 plus years and given the guitar a character of it’s own. Weight is a decent 7.8lbs and the guitar feels nicely settled and plays well setup on 10’s.

The guitar comes with it’s original brown G&G case and certificate.