Vinetto guitars are built by Luthier Vince Cunetto in St Louis Missouri. Cunetto headed up a small team that pioneered the guitar ageing process in the mid-nineties that would go on to be the immensely popular Fender Relic Series. After leaving Fender Cunetto started Vinetto Guitars with designs based on the classic T-type and S-Types as well as his own original design, the Legato.
Dating from 2007, SC56 #68 is based on a mid-fifties T-Type and features a light weight, two piece Swamp ash body, a quarter sawn maple neck with a comfortable ’56 chunky ‘C’ profile, 9.5” radius and medium tall frets. High quality cold rolled steel Glendale bridge with brass saddles. Two Lollar Vintage T pickups, CTS Pots and a CRL switch. As is to be expected the ageing is second to none with light lacquer checking throughout the aged blonde Nitro finish, a smooth played in feel to the neck back and comfortable rolled fret ends. the ageing is sublet and more akin to Fenders Closet Classic instruments than the Heavy Relics. The Guitar was modified by Luthier Damian Probett with the addition of a fore arm and belly contour. 7.4lbs.
The guitar comes with a Tweed Fender Style case.