Matchless SC Mini


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Superb sounding Matchless SC-Mini that offers the same highly quality Matchless are known for in a smaller 6 Watt Amplifier. Based on the second channel of Matchless flagship C30 series it features a cathode self-biased EL84 output valve, a 5AR4 rectifier, a single EF86/ in the preamp and a 12AX7 phase inverter. Internally there is a single PC board and the controls are simply volume, tone, cut (a 5-position tone switch) and master. The cabinet is constructed in the same manner as the larger stablemates of the SC-Mini and loaded with a 30W Matchless Celestion G12H 12” speaker. The rear of the chassis features an effects loop, line out and 4 and 8ohm speaker out options. 

In use the amp has plenty of volume on tap especially given its 6 Watt classification, perfect for recording, intimate gigs and home use, the SC-Mini remains clean with a gradual onset of break up as the volumes are pushed ever clockwise. The sounds are unmistakably Matchless with a detailed 3D quality to the cleans with a surprising level of drive with the controls maxed out. The amp sits well at edge of break up either with the controls maxed and restrained with the guitar controls or set clear and given a push with a favoured overdrive or boost.
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