1977 Fender Telecaster Bass, Blonde

By Fender

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Initially released in 1968, the Fender Telecaster Bass could be argued to be Fender's first attempt at a reissue instrument. The Telecaster Bass owed its existence to the fact that its direct ancestor, the Precision Bass, was redesigned not once but twice within several years of its 1951 debut. So significant were the changes, that the Precision Bass of 1957 onward bore little resemblance to its 1951 predecessor. It was Leo Fenders original 1951 design that became Fender's newest design in 1968.

During the 1970s Fender were looking to bring the model in line with its other updated and newly released instruments and in 1972 the Telecaster Bass went through its biggest change losing its centre-spaced single coil and gaining a new more powerful Seth Lover-designed humbucking pickup

This great example is from 1977 and its original Blonde finish has aged over the years to resemble more of an early 50s Butterscotch Blonde; this in combination with the black plastics from the late 70s and maple fingerboard give the bass a real 'Blackguard' Tele aesthetic. The original Seth Lover-designed Wide Range pickup sounds great with the warmth and authority they are known for. The neck dates to the 20th week of 1977 with one CTS pot dating to the 51st week of 1976 and the other obscured by solder, the pickup dates earlier to the 34th week of 1972 and appears original to the instrument and the pickguard serial number matches the headstock serial number decal.

The bass comes with the period non-original rectangular case pictured.

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