1967 Fender Custom Telecaster, Sunburst

By Fender

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Wonderfully preserved 1967 Fender Custom Telecaster in a picture perfect three tone Sunburst with its original Fender case and bridge cover. The guitar has been well looked after in a collection for the last 20 years and remains in near mint, collector grade condition.

Released in 1959, almost 10 years after the original Telecaster was designed, the Custom Telecaster ushered in a new era for the Fender solid body guitars with the transition from Maple fingerboards to Rosewood. Sold along side the traditional Blonde Telecaster the Custom Telecaster would retain all the design features of the regular Telecaster with Custom treatment of the body with a beautiful highly polished Sunburst finish and the top and back edges of the guitar trimmed with contrasting binding. Its first appearance was in the 1959 catalog where it appeared alongside the single pickup Esquire Custom. The Custom Telecaster retailed for $229.00 - an additional $30.00 over the Telecaster - and remained in the catalog in its original guise until 1972 when the original design gave way to the Type II Telecaster Custom, a non-bound, four-knob, single-coil/humbucker guitar that alongside the Telecaster Deluxe were a show case for the new Wide Range Humbucker.

Featuring a light weight Alder body with a Sunburst finish that has retained its vibrancy and colour. The Rosewood fingerboard is in great condition and the original frets show very little wear. The position markers are close spaced pearl dots and the nut is the original Fender part. The neck date is ink stamped in the traditional manner 3 NOV 67 B. The Fender logo is the second type used by Fender on the Telecaster Custom and was used from the Autumn of 1967. The finish to the body and neck are excellent throughout with only the slightest of marks showing that the guitar has seen some light use. Electronically the guitar is 100% unmolested and wired in the new ‘modern’ method that was introduced in late 1967 with the 3-way switch now offering bridge, both, and neck pickup selection. The pickups measure 6.26K in the neck and 5.86K in the bridge. Pot codes are 137 6542 and the switch is the correct CRL 1452 3-way switch. The hardware is original and in good condition throughout with little wear or corrosion to mention. One interesting addition is the inclusion of some barely visible writing on the Bridge plate by a previous owner. Tuners, control plate, knobs and bridge are all in excellent condition. Looking at the bridge plate it appears like the guitar has spent most of its life with the bridge cover attached.

The guitar sits at a nice light 7.2lbs, the comfortable slim neck has a gentle taper to the C profile measuring 21.36mm at the first fret and 23.48mm at the 12th. Playability is great with a bright and spanky sound typical of the era albeit with a tone darker than many. Produced in far smaller numbers than the Tele or Strat the Custom Telecaster is a far rarer and more valuable instrument especially one in such stunning, original condition. Comes complete with the correct Fender hard case in equally good condition.