2014 Fender Custom Shop '51 Relic Nocaster Relic, Butterscotch


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Tastefully aged 2014 Fender Custom Shop '51 Relic Nocaster Relic weighing in at a lively 6.8lbs

The Fender Custom Shop Nocaster Relic is a fine recreation of one of Leo Fenders most sought after creations. The Fender Nocaster came into being when Fender hit a snag with the previous name given to the model that would become the Telecaster. The Broadcaster as the guitar was named was very similar to the BroadKaster drum kit that Gretsch produced. To avoid halting production whilst deciding on a new name they simply snipped the Broadcaster from the Fender decal. These transitional instruments would later become known as Nocasters by collectors to differentiate them. There are rumoured to have been less than 500 examples produced.

This example is in excellent condition and takes the classic early 50’s Fender template and recreates it with great attention to detail. Features include a lightweight Ash body with a one-piece maple neck with ’51 Nocaster profile. The Nocaster Blonde finish has been tastefully aged and reliced. The simulated wear on this example is very convincing and has settled nicely over the 7 years since it was new. The Neck has a ’51 Nocaster U-shaped profile with a 9.5 radius and 6105 frets, like the body, the simulated fingerboard wear is tasteful and balances perfectly with the body ageing.
The Black pickguard, alongside the other metal hardware is equally well aged, the bridge has brass saddles with the serial number stamped into the bridge plate like the original instruments. Tuners are aged Klusons. The pickups and pots are correct with a Custom Shop recreation of the famed flatpole bridge pickup, the wiring is modern style with no dark circuit so each pick can be individually selected with both pickups active in the middle position of the three way switch. The guitar weighs in at 6.8 lbs, a very good weight for an ash body Telecaster.

The Guitar comes with its original Fender Custom Shop G&G tweed case, Certificate, sticker and picks.

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