1969 Fender Telecaster, Blonde Factory Refin

By Fender


Superb, players late-sixties Telecaster just in, super vibey with a naturally aged blond Fender factory re-finish, great sounding Boutique pickups and one of the lightest Telecasters we’ve had in the shop irrespective of age or vintage at only 6.5lbs!

Featuring a featherweight and very resonant Ash body with a typically opaque late sixties/early seventies Blonde finish that shows some pretty wild, wide checking. The finish appears to be an original factory re-fin with the typical stamps visible under the pickguard. Fender offered a factory repair and refinishing service up until the early Seventies. The thin-lam Rosewood fingerboard is dark and uniform and punctuated with pearl position markers. The neck benefits from a re-fret and a new nut. The bold Fender decal is the type used from ’68 onwards w/two patent numbers. Tuners are the classic Fender branded Schallers. The neck date is present dating to later 1969. Internally the pickups and switch have been replaced. Currently sporting an excellent sounding set of Monty’s Retro Wind Tele pickups mated to Monty’s own 5-way Switching loom offering maximum versatility whilst not compromising on the core Telecaster tones. The 3-ply pickguard has a pearled lower layer, a common trait of 68/69 Telecasters, whilst the bridge and saddles are all factory stock. The original Stackpole pots date to 1966.

The neck has a fuller mid-C profile that you start to see on the Telecaster again after the necks were far thinner in the early 60’s. Measuring 22.05mm at the first fret increasing to 24.24 by the 12. The nut measures a roomy 41mm. Late sixties Telecasters can vary in weight quite considerably but one of the big selling points of this guitar is its weight. Sitting on the scales at a scant 6.5lbs, an incredible weight for any Telecaster, it feel great to play, lively with a big acoustic ring also aided ash tone wood and by the great setup. The Monty’s pickups offer classic Tele tones with the neck sounding chimey and bell like with a complementary twangy bridge pickup. 5-way telecaster wiring adds two new sounds to the regular Tele; in the front position the two pickups are wired together in series, giving an incredibly full, fat-sounding middle position. In the rear position, a small amount of the neck pickup signal is blended with the full signal from the bridge, beefing up the bottom end while keeping all that classic Tele twang.

An excellent players late-sixties Telecaster, the guitar comes with its original late sixties Fender case. 

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