Mastery M1 Bridge

By Mastery

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The M1 Offset Mastery Bridge requires no modification to USA made guitars which were originally equipped with Fender's "floating" style bridge and stock body thimbles. 
This means that the revolutionary M1 Bridge fits all American made Offset guitars, including new, used and vintage. It can also be used in conjunction with the Mastery MT303 Thimbles for Mexican made offsets.
Mastery have nothing short of a sterling reputation for engineering durable and eminently effective bridges and parts which not only stabilise string placement and intonation for floating styles bridges as found in Fender’s offset range, and for Fender Telecasters, but the design also improves the guitars tone overall.
Mastery Bridges and parts are designed by a professional luthier from Minneapolis, USA. Each bridge and part is crafted using the highest quality, non-corrosive materials available. Also available for Rickenbacker guitars.
The Offset Mastery Bridge requires no modification to guitars originally equipped with Fender's "floating" style bridge and stock body thimbles.
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