1996 Fender 50th Anniversary '46 Professional Woody Amp

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Very rare Fender Custom Shop ’46 Professional ‘Woodie’ amp. Released in 1996 to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Fender Company. As part of a Limited Edition Set, only 50 of these amplifiers were produced alongside the Snakehead Prototype Telecaster.

Inspired by the original Fender Professional Amp which was produced in 1946-1947, the amp is close to an identical copy of an original and very rare 1946 Professional loaned to the Fender Custom Shop by John Sprung, co-author of ‘Fender Amps: The First Fifty Years.’
Affectionately named ‘Woodies’ thanks to these early pre-tweed appearance, this amp is #39 of the 50 produced and on inspection it is very impressive to see the level of detail and accuracy the team at Fender went to in producing the amplifiers. Like the original, the Amp features a 15” field coil speaker housed in a select Maple Cabinet with subtle bird’s-eye figuring with original style red cloth and three chrome stripes. The Professional was the largest of the three ‘Woodie’ amps Fender produced in the 40s with an output of approximately 22 watts from two 6L6 output valves. Like the 6l6’s the Octal pre-amp valves are new old stock metal tubes.

The amplifier sounds excellent, there is plenty of volume from the twin 6L6s, the octal pre-amp tubes are lower gain than the ubiquitous 12AX7 and give the amp a warm, complex tone. The rear facing control plate has three inputs - one labeled Microphone and two marked Instrument. There are independent volume controls for each channel and an on-off /tone control.

The amp comes with the original Fender Flight Case and Fender Instruction leaflet. Due to the size and weight of the amp we would recommend getting in touch directly with the shop.

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