1941 Martin 2-15 Mandolin, Shaded Top

By Martin

Charming Wartime Shadetop Martin 2-15 from 1941 with Carved top with F holes, Figured Maple back and sides. One of only 60 produced in 1941 and featuring a rare Tortoiseshell headstock veneer only seen in ’41 and ’42.

First made, cataloged and priced in 1936 the 2-15 was part of a range of Carved-top Mandolins released by Martin at an odd time for the company to be investing time and resources in to an instrument that’s initial popularity had been in decline since the late 20’s. The Oval sound hole Style 15 and 20 were at the time already outdated in design when introduced in the late twenties. They were replaced in the mid-thirties with the f-soundholed versions and given the 2 prefix.

The 2-15 features a solid carved Spruce top with f-holes, figured Solid Maple back and rims, a Maple neck with Ebony fingerboard and large headstock. Finished with a deep Shaded top with Golden stained neck, back and rims appointments include a double bound top, single bound back and simple dot fingerboard position markers.

This Mandolin is in great condition although it has has a few running repairs, the back has been cleated along the centre seam and there is a cleated craft to the top from one of the ‘F-holes. The finish by the pickguard screw shows imperfections as does a patch of lacquer between the bridge and the tailpiece on the top. There is a well made Ebony replacement bridge currently fitted and the nut is a replacement. Tuners are the correct Waverly type.

Despite their almost obsolescence when released these instruments are still beautifully constructed and built from the same top-level tone woods as the rest of the range and finished in the Martin tradition. This great playing Mandolin has a sweet sound and with its original Lifton case makes for a very attractive set.
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