1964 Vox AC-15

By Vox

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Superb Vox AC-15 #05628 from 1964 from the ever-desirable JMI era of production.
This very original example features black Basketweave covering, copper panel, brown diamond grille cloth Vox ‘Egg’ footswitch and Celestion Alnico speaker. The amp came to us having been in storage for years but after a thorough service with our tech is fully up and running and sounding fantastic.
Our techs report states the amp looked very original internally with capacitors, resistors, potentiometers, switches and transformers dating to within the range expected. The Celestion T1088 speaker dates to September ’64. Valves are all Mullard and date to ’63. The serial number badge is the Type 7 variety used by Vox between April ’64 and late ’65. The Mains Transformer gives the correct voltage with the Output transformer and Choke both measuring correctly. As part of the service several caps and resistors were replaced with period correct examples where possible as well as tidying up some old bad solder connections.
The amp now sound fantastic, with the classic Vox tone in spades, the vibrato is strong and true, with increased volume the overdrive from the famous EF86 circuit really lives up to expectations with a harmonically rich and surprisingly high gain tone when pushed. The two EL84 valves produce approximately 15-18w making the AC-15 the perfect small gig, studio or home amp for the player looking for the classic Vox sound in a more manageable and compact combo.
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