1976 Fender Telecaster Custom, Black

By Fender

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Super cool mid-seventies Telecaster Custom in a great looking naturally worn Black finish with Maple neck. Released in 1972, the Telecaster Custom model was one of three Fender guitars that featured the Seth Lover designed wide range humbucker. Today these pickups are highly regarded thanks to their versatility, dynamic range and clarity.

Featuring an Ash Telecaster Custom body with a great looking black finish that has plenty of natural earned wear to the forearm area in particular. The Maple neck has has a similar amount of wear. This guitar has been played! Neck and body both display the stamps and markings expected from this period of production. The neck feels great to play with an old refret and replacement nut. The fingerboard has been over-sprayed but is showing plenty of wear and blends with the rest of the neck well. The profile is the consistent C shape you often see in the mid-seventies with a 42.06mm nut width and measurements at the first and twelfth fret of 21.87mm and 24.04mm. The guitar came into us with a dead bridge pickup so enlisted the chaps at Radio Shop Pickups to rewind the pup to vintage spec. Reinstalled in the guitar it sounds great and balances very well with the neck Pickup. The Seth Lover designed Wide Range neck pickup is stock with a 1976 date code. The guitar is fitted with 4 CTS pots dating to early 1975 and two blue capacitors ofter seen during this period.

The guitar has a few changed parts, the very seventies aftermarket Brass Bridge plate and Saddles look great with the aged finish, the knobs are also modern replacements but the correct type. The wiring functions in a Gibson-like manner with a tone and volume for each pickup and a 3-way selector switch on the upper bout. The additional toggle switch is redundant and not connected.

Weighing in at 9.5lbs this Telecaster Custom is a great workhorse guitar with real Keef vibes. The neck humbucker produces some really well balanced warm tones when clean, but comes into it's own when driven creating an articulate but throaty sound with a fantastic low-end response whilst retaining clarity. The bridge pickup gives you classic Tele twang and aggression when driven so between the two you have a really wide variety of options. The guitar comes with a Tweed Fender Case.
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