2005 Gibson Custom Jimmy Page Les Paul, Custom Authentic

By Gibson

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Superb Gibson Custom Jimmy Page Custom Authentic Les Paul in amazing condition. The Gibson Custom Jimmy Page Les Paul is quite possibly one of the most sought after Custom Shop runs Gibson has done. This one was bought new in 2005, played once and put away. The guitar is in superb condition and asides from a set of strings is as it left the factory.

The Gibson Custom Jimmy Page Custom Authentic Les Paul Standard was released in 2004 after extensive research by the folks in the Gibson Custom Shop, a trip to visit Jimmy Page in England and access to the guitar now affectionately referred to as “Number One”. “Number One” is an original Gibson Les Paul Standard that Jimmy Page acquired from Joe Walsh (James Gang; later Eagles) in April of 1969, it would quickly become his go to instrument of choice and was used extensively in the studio and on stage with Led Zeppelin. Famously the guitar had had its neck prior to Page owning the guitar - one of the things he liked about the guitar. Due to sanding of the neck the serial number on the guitar is no longer present. But most people agree that the Les Paul is probably a late 1959, or early 1960. “Number One remains in his possession with Page describing the guitar his “wife” and “mistress,” and calls it irreplaceable. Whilst in Page's possession the Kluson tuners were changed for Grover Rotomatics and at some point the the bridge pickup was replaced after it failed on tour.

On release in 2004 the model proved to be an instant success it was released in three tiers with 25 guitars played by Page, signed, and hand aged by Tom Murphy, 150 Tom Murphy aged guitars and a final run of lightly aged or Custom Authentic instruments. Thanks to its popularity the run would continue until 2006.

The Custom Authentic finish is a patinated finish that looks like a 50-60 year old instrument that hasn’t left it’s case. It was a precursor to the now familiarly termed VOS finish and the guitar has exactly that appearance. The special ‘Page Burst’ finish is available only on this model and mimics the fade characteristics of the original guitar and highlights the guitars figured Maple top perfectly.

The Nickel hardware is lightly aged to match and has a slightly flatter finish than new. The unique neck profile is slim but feels very comfortable. As well as the neck profile there are other features unique to this model, the pickups are Custom wound Burstbuckers with an exposed double black bridge pickup. and a push-pull tone control to access a reverse phase tone.

The guitar weighs an impressive 8.6lbs and comes with its original maroon lined Gibson Custom Case, Certificate of Authenticity, warranty card and care pack.

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