2011 Marshall AFD100 Limited Edition Slash Signature Amp

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Released in late 2010 after an extensive development period the AFD100 was launched to immediate success and stellar reviews. Designed to be an incredibly faithful recreation of the legendary Guns N’ Roses guitarist’s gain laden Marshall tones from the groups seminal “Appetite for Destruction” Album as well as the sound of Slash’s famous #34 modded JCM 800 used by Slash since the ’80s.
Featuring a single-channel design with the ability to switch between the AFD and #34 amp modes, 100W power delivered by a quartet of 6550 power valves and five ECC83 Preamp valves, Power scaling allows the amp to be run anywhere from a tenth of a watt to the full blooded, fire breathing 100W. The Master Volume and Gain level have their own controls along with the familiar Bass, Middle, Treble and Presence controls. Hi And Low inputs, Power and Standby switches and switchable FX loop complete the front panels controls. The rear of the amp has five different speaker outs, FX loop send and return, Bias Fault and Auto-Bias and Bias current trim pot and Footswitch input.

The Amp is in fantastic condition with no noticeable marks or wear to the tolex. The #34 and AFD modes have two distinct gain structures that both sound unmistakably Marshall in nature, the #34 mode has more bite and treble as is to be expected with a JCM800 derived setting. With the AFD mode engaged the amp is thicker with more drive and gain available. The tone controls all work well and with the amp set to the recommended Slash settings with all the controls set to 6 the amp nails the Slash sound.

Overall it’s very hard to fault the amp, it’s one of the best sounding modern Marshall Amps we’ve had here at V n’ R and should be of interest to anyone not only looking for the iconic Slash sound but a great sounding, well engineered Marshall.
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