Gibson Collectors Choice #12 1957 Les Paul Standard, Aged Goldtop

By Gibson

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Gibson Custom Shop Collectors Choice #12 1957 Les Paul Goldtop. Part of the incredibly successful Collectors Choice Series that ran from 2010 to 2017 with 40 guitars replicated in exacting detail. Collectors Choice #12 was released in 2014 and is one of only two Goldtops produced in the series replicating the original 1957 Goldtop owned by Henry Juszkiewicz, then CEO of Gibson. As with the rest of the series, Collectors Choice #12 was released as a strictly limited package of 300 instruments each with their own Gibson Custom Shop Certificate of Authenticity.

The Gibson Custom Shop team has recreated 7 3939 in exacting detail with every minor ding, scuff, and wear patch hand aged to resemble the original. No surprise given the Custom Shop team were granted unrestricted access with hands-on analysis of the original guitar. The accurate Goldtop finish has that characteristic slight greening within its bronze and subtle darkening in the lacquer checks and wear patterns that original examples exhibit. The ageing is on a par with anything we have seen out of the Custom Shop. Collectors Choice #12 has features atributed to Les Pauls from this period that help to set is aside from other Goldtop Reissues, the Gibson logo is lower on the headstock as can be often seen on original early PAF ’57 Goldtops, the neck is described by Gibson as being on the ‘Cheekier side’ with a definitive 50’s profile and the fret wire is the period correct smaller wire used by Gibson until 1959. The pickups are perhaps the biggest deviation from the rest of the Collectors Choice range with #12 coming equipped with a set of CustomBucker S early PAF type humbuckers. The pickups have been recreated to the exact specs and materials of the original PAFs in Mr Juszkiewicz’s guitar, and exhibit a slightly lighter wind than average, resulting in outstanding definition and clarity, yet plenty of thickness and body resulting in some of the best sounding pickups to have come from Gibson.

This guitar is number 116 of the run and a great example of the quality the Collectors Choice guitars exhibit, the ageing is up there with some of the finest we’ve seen by the Custom Shop with lots of delicate crazing to the front with the more generous wear to the back and neck tastefully completed. Tipping the scales at 8.3lbs it is of of the lightest non-weight-relieved or chambered Les Paul models we have had in the shop, the guitar feels lively with plenty of snap and a loud acoustic ring. Despite being described as being on the ‘cheekier side’, the neck has a very comfortable profile more akin to a ’59 and no where near as sizeable as some of the reissue necks can be. Measuring measuring 22.72mm at the 1st and 25.33mm at the 12th fret. the nut width is 43.02mm. The CustomBucker S pickups by design have a lower output measuring a matched 7.09K in the bridge and the neck.

In the Collectors Choice series Gibson has recreated specific vintage instruments from across the Golden-era of of Gibson electric guitar production allowing Players and Collectors around the world the opportunity to experience the precise look, feel, and tone of some of the rarest original examples out there. The range is still popular today with many players and collectors specifically seeking these limited run guitars out. The guitar is in excellent condition with little wear to the factory ageing and plays excellently. The guitar comes with its original case and Collectors Choice certificate.